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St. Lucas Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by members of St. Lucas Marriage Encounter Group. Our members have found peace and happiness by being involved in the acts of SHARING, HEALING, and LOVING. With that philosophy in mind, our St. Lucas Charity Foundation bloomed into birth in July of 2016. It demonstrates the LOVE and HUMANITY to those who are less fortunate.


At St. Lucas Charity Foundation, we help people who are struggling by addressing the complex issues at the root of their needs. We provide financial and emotional support for those who are fighting for their lives with terminal illnesses, for education for the future generations, and for people who are still living in poverty.


The mission of St. Lucas Charity Foundation is to provide financial and emotional support to people in need and are desperate for help.  We provide guidance and lead our children to the PATH OF SHARING, HEALING, and LOVING.